Who's who

Minister Rev Rachel Muthoni In charge of Dunnington and Stamford Bridge in addition to Heworth. Responsibilities also include worship, sacrament, baptisms, weddings, funerals, pastoral care of the members of the church, also responsible for the business meetings of the church.
Stewards Jane MacClennan {Senior        }
Barbara Smith     {     stewards}
Gill Burnett
Paddy Gibson
Andrew Hutchinson
Yvonne Wright
The stewards are responsible for opening the church and getting it ready for worship and looking after the preacher. They also provide a link between the church congregation and the minister.
Church Council Secretary Rosemary Hutchinson Responsible for the minutes of the business meetings of the church, including Church Councils and General Church meetings. Also deals with correspondence, etc arising from these meetings.
Treasurer Richard Burnett  
Property Stewards Richard Burnett and Andrew Hutchinson The property stewards looks after the building, ensuring it is kept in good repair .
Booking Steward Margaret Masheder Takes bookings for the church rooms (see room hire)
Safeguarding Officer Jane MacClennan Contact for any Safeguarding issues, responsible for checking everyone involved in church activities with children or vulnerable adults has the correct checks and has up to date Safeguarding training.


Christian Aid rep Margaret Masheder  
Cradle Roll Pru King  
Community Bible Study Judy Armstrong  
Gift Aid Dr David Thompson  
House Groups

Sylvia Karn
Pauline Wheeler
JMA Kathleen Hayes  
Music Group Barbara Smith  
Pastoral Visitors Judy Armstrong  
Sunshine Committee Margaret Masheder The Sunshine committee take the church flowers to people, such as those who are ill.
Website Nicola Normandale  
Wesley Guild Paddy Gibson  
Wives Group Dorothy Dee  
Young Church contact Sarah Haslam  

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Last updated 18/10/2017